The Sociedade Ciclista Lusitana is a portuguese enterprise headquartered in Águeda municipality, Aveiro.

It is specialized in the manufacture and marketing of components and accessories for bicycles, motorized vehicles and many utilities for other branches of the commerce and industry.


It is the owner of the trademark  “LUSITO”. 

Presently, Lusitana is one of the oldest companies of the municipality working continuously since its foundation.

The Sociedade Ciclista Lusitana was founded on September 25th, 1951 and its name is an allusion to the lusitanian people and to the hardness, resistence and flexibility of its arms.


Until the 70s/80s, Lusitana comercialized its products mainly to the internal market, working with companies like Famel, Macal, Sachs, EFS and Casal and making part of the several industries that led Águeda to be considered the capital of “2 wheels”. Lusitana participated and sponsored several events of enduro, motocross and cycling in Portugal, winning numerous trophies with its brand “LUSITO”.


Nowadays, more than 50% of its production is exported, being the northern countries of Africa the main destinations of its products. However, U.E. countries continue to be a reference in its exports to Europe.